Uploading Content

If you already have a website created by yourself or a web design studio, just upload the website files and folders to your provider's server. By default, you need to upload the website content to the httpdocs directory. In Plesk for Windows you can also upload content to a virtual directory. It is convenient, for example, if you want to have multiple ASP.NET applications using different versions of ASP.NET on your website. See the Using Virtual Directories section for more information.

You can upload content in one of the following ways:

  • Using FTP. This way is better when several people manage a website's content because it does not require access to your customer account. You can just create FTP users for them. Learn more about this method in the section Uploading Content Using FTP.
  • Using File Manager in Customer Panel. This way is more convenient since it uses the Customer Panel GUI and provides a set of useful features, for example, a visual HTML editor and a file permissions manager. Find more information on the features of File Manager in the section Uploading Content with File Manager.