Backing Up the Account and Websites

To back up all data related to your account and all your subscriptions:

  1. To back up data related to your account and websites, go to Account > Back Up My Account and Websites. To back up data related to websites only, select Account > Back Up Websites (Alternatively, use Websites & Domains > Backup Manager).

    Note: Depending on your permissions, one of these options might be unavailable.


  2. Click Back Up and specify the following:
    • The data to back up (Back up).

      If you selected Back Up My Account and Websites, you can back up:

      • Only the account settings.

        Select Customer's configuration.

      • Account settings and all data of customer’s subscriptions, including databases.

        Select Customer's configuration and content

      If you selected Back Up Websites, you can choose to back up:

      • Only settings of websites, without data.

        Select Domain configuration.

      • All settings and data except for mail accounts and messages in mailboxes.

        Select Domain configuration and User files and databases.

      • All settings and data including mail accounts and messages in mailboxes.

        Select Domain configuration, Mail configuration and content, and User files and databases.

      • Only mail accounts and messages.

        Select Domain configuration and Mail configuration and content.

    • Splitting of the backup file. To create a multivolume backup, select the corresponding checkbox and specify volume size in megabytes. Multiple volumes are supported for backups stored in personal FTP storage.
    • Location where to store the backup file (Store in).
    • Whether to make a full or an incremental backup (Type).
      • To backup all data, select Full.

        A full backup can include either configuration or configuration and content, depending on what you selected in Back up.

      • To back up only the changes made since the time of the previous backup, select Incremental.

        Incremental backups always contain configuration with content, including databases. Database-related content is included in full, while web and mail related content is backed up incrementally. If no backups have been created yet, the first backup will be a full backup.

        For the difference between full and incremental backup, see

        Backing Up Data.
    • Email notification on backup completion. If you want to be notified of the backup completion, type your email address.
    • What data to back up. You can back up only the account settings or account settings and all data (including databases).
    • Suspend domains until backup task is completed. Select this option to prohibit users from making changes to content or settings of websites while they are being backed up.

      Note: If you select this option, then, after restoring the data from this backup file, you will need to manually switch on every domain alias for every site that needs to have domain aliases. This can be done in Websites & Domains > domain alias name > Switch On.

  3. Click Back Up. When backing up is finished, the backup file will be saved to the storage you selected.